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Bedtime Stories

November 18, 2007

Hint: Use your child’s name instead of Tommy.

                                     Tommy stays up late 

It was time for Tommy to go to bed. But Tommy was not tired. He decided to stay up late and watch the sun rise. Tommy took his pillow. He took his blanket and he took his favorite bear. Tommy even took his flashlight. Then Tommy put his chair by the window. He looked at the sky. It was very dark. He looked at the stars. They were very bright. He looked at the moon. It was very big. Soon Tommy started to get tired. He rubbed his eyes. Tommy let out a great big yawn. “I must stay up late,”thought Tommy. “The sun will rise soon.” But Tommy fell asleep. Suddenly, Tommy heard his mother calling. “Wake up, Tommy,” she said. Tommy opened his eyes. It was morning but it was still dark outside. The sun had waited for Tommy.