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Petaling street

November 2, 2007


Then check out Petaling street. First put on your comfortable pair of shoes and some comfortable clothes and start your trip to the street. Petaling street is a place if you want to do bargain hunting. They have clothes, shoes, jewelery, perfumes etc. The street is long with stalls in the sides of the streets and in the middle of the street. So you can imagine there is hardly any space to walk. There are so many people there that are looking for a good bargain. MAKE SURE YOU BARGAIN. If the guy says $100 you say 15. Of course at first he thinks it’s a joke, but if he really wants you to buy then he’s going to negotiate. Then the negotiating process begins. They say it’s all branded stuff but I don’t think so.

  Good food is served there too. So Good luck bargain hunting in Petaling street if you are visiting the beautiful land of Malaysia